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  Inner Mongolia East Tianli Industrial and Trading Co.,Ltd is an export-oriented processing enterprise and it’s one of the minority medium companies who own the upstream cashmere resource in Inner Mongolia. The company has been serving in business of materials procurement and materials production since it was founded ten years ago, such as raw cashmere purchasing, carding, dying and spinning. Since 2009, great changes in foreign and domestic cashmere market have brought quick effects to the downstream factories, raising the cost of production. We took the opportunity to integrate several local factories in Inner Mongolia together and built a series of processing service from raw material purchasing, dying and spinning to finished products. We have completed our own pricing system in cashmere and wool production, which consists yarn spinning, dying, designing and producing together till 2010. Besides the domestic market, we have also won great support from foreign customers owing to our absolute price superiority in cashmere market. The quick development for years, especially in 2010, has brought us great reputation both in domestic market and foreign market.
   Our company is located in Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia, which is close to the base of high quality cashmere like Albas, Erdos, Alashan and so on. There are rich resources, convenient traffic and rapid communication in Hohhot. In each year, we can produce over 300,000 pieces products with our own brand “Danyu/Chilege” on, including cashmere scarves, cashmere shawls, gloves, hats and some sweaters or shirts. Our products are best sold in whole country and also in foreign market, such as Japan, Korea, Euro, America, East and south Asia, highly appreciated by new and old customers. The company is not large, but we stick to the professional management. Taking advantage of the cashmere resource we have, we integrate the whole process, strictly qualified the products with ISO9001 standard, competitive pricing, and struggle for development in more broad and new domestic and foreign market.

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